Trusting The Unknown

For so many years of my life, I wasn't sure of my place in this world. It almost seemed like I was moving through this world, being someone else. As a kid, I used to think that everyone else was lucky. They had a mom and dad still together, they had awesome clothes and fun family trips to reminisce about. I didn't realize at the time, but I was being prepared for so much more than what I was going through. Here, in my now, I find myself being thankful for the rough upbringing that I experienced. I had witnessed so much violence that I was uncertain of the future. I went through a lot of heartbreak and challenges of self confidence because of abuse- physically and emotionally.

I'm not going to get into that because I have forgiven and have grown into a strong and loving woman. When I say those two things, I giggle about it. It would have never crossed my mind back then that I would, one day, confidently say that and be proud of it.

And you know what? That type of freedom isn't just about me, it's about you too. We are always going to be an example of either something good or something bad. How we handle the downs in our life will be up to us. Whatever may have happened in your life, it has been there to help you grow into something bigger. Use it to lift others up. What will you do today that will propel you into the life you're meant to lead? Remember: There is only one you. No one can replace you. With your head held high, lead the way.

Gabriela Arista

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