Life’s Blueprint

Today, on my birthday, I’m reminded that life is such a gift. Every year has brought many blessings. From meeting new people and connecting to serving in any area whenever I can.

Life is beautiful. It’s colorful and has its moments that grace truly covers my perfectly imperfect human side.

The older I get, the more authentic I become. I try to not let any obstacle fade away without me experiencing that painful moment because I know, in that very exact moment, I can grow from the lessons it brings. Those hard moments, I’ve known myself better and have gotten crystal clear on the life I’m currently living. It’s like the winds of discomfort whisper, “This is your moment. The moment it shapes your destiny.” When I get that clarity, I give myself permission to feel and observe so I change whatever doesn’t feel right and adjust my sails, or shall I say, my attitude. That’s what truly will make your ship go to an amazing and oh-so-unique direction for the journey that lies ahead of you.

Every season in life, would be considered a major growth spurt, we just have to see it for what it is and not for what it’s not. One of my favorite ways to live life is to identify what you truly believe in and sit down to write your core values.

Reallly get in touch with your mind and heart. If something isn’t lining up and you’re unhappy, change your blueprint.

Our perspective can be the difference from living the life we desire vs. the life we think we have to accept. My friend, may you continue to adjust your sails for your heart’s desire and cheers to life!

What has been your favorite part about birthdays?

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