Favorite quote of 2022.. (so far)

I absolutely love when quotes capture my attention. I see them as little gifts to keep my soul inspired. When I first ran into this quote, I was thinking of ways to have "more" in my life.

If you're like me who is always seeking for that extra dose of education, you know the struggle when it comes down to focus. I jump from book to book, trying to find that sentence that will give me more clarity of my purpose here on Earth.

So you can imagine the way this stopped me on my tracks, I was completely in love with everything this said.

I think it sums up what I want to do here in life. To be of service. Nothing more, nothing less.

You can use this to push past fears and help someone else rise above as well. I like to read it when I'm at the gym; before, during and after my workouts because it fuels me like no ones business. It has also helped me overcome moments where I felt less than or when I've doubted myself.

Life is truly about being of service while falling in love with your growth.

My hope is for this to be your reminder that you are truly needed and appreciated here in this magnificent world.

With love,

Gabriela Arista

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