Each guest that reserves an appointment is valued and treasured because I love helping them feel and look their absolute best! When it comes to cancelling or rescheduling your appointment, please note that I require A MINIMUM of 48 hours in advance to ensure proper scheduling for all. Appointments cancelled past the 48 hour mark will incur a charge of 50% of the service amount.

*Please See "GRACE" Period Terms Below

No Show/ Being Late

If you are 15 minutes late for your appointment I may have to reschedule your service. Arriving late limits the quality of your appointment and can intervene with other appointments. Past the 15 minute mark of your scheduled appointment time is considered a “No-Show” and you will be charged for 50% of the service scheduled.

Service Adjustment

In the case I have NOT met your expectations with your hair, please email me at owner@gabrielaarista.com. A notice is required within 72 hours of your last visit so a virtual call can be scheduled to note adjustments.  Once the virtual call is completed I will then schedule for a service adjustment within 11 days of your last visit.

*If you wish to change your hairstyle from the original consultation it is NOT considered an adjustment, therefore, any services must be charged and properly scheduled.

Grace Period

I understand that emergencies/illness happens that may prevent a timely notice given for cancelling or rescheduling your appointment. Guests are given "GRACE" for those specific events.


A deposit fee is required to reserve your appointment which is applied towards your visit. If you cancel/reschedule 48 hours prior to your service, a refund will be given. The deposit fee is non refundable past the 48 hour mark and a charge of 50% of the service amount will be made. To reserve any future appointments, I will require a credit card and a 50% service deposit fee prior to booking.


My priority is our peace and safety; I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that demonstrates inappropriate behavior. For further questions about any policies, email me at owner@gabrielaarista.com