Hair Bleaching Stylist

Why it's Important to Choose an Experienced Hair Bleaching Stylist

Bleached hair provides one of the most striking looks possible, but getting this service done requires some care. That's because a number of things can go wrong in the hands of someone without the requisite skill and experience.

If you go to a professional hair stylist near me, you likely don't need to worry about your hair being burned off by the bleach. However, this is a very possible outcome of attempting to do it yourself, at least the first few times. Fortunately, hair grows back. However, if you have long hair and want to keep it, this alone is enough of a reason to go straight to a pro.

The more common risk is that your hair color will end up radically different than you envisioned, especially if you're coming from a dark brown or black natural hair color. This is partly because dark hair colors turn orange, and then yellow, before finally ending up bleached white. If you have a timid stylist who doesn't leave the bleach on long enough, you can end up looking like you're wearing a clown wig!

Avoiding this problem can be difficult because several stylists will claim to be a professional hair stylist near me, but few really know how to deal with bleaching dark hair. It's important to inquire more deeply before you sit in the chair. Make sure the person is a very well-experienced hair bleaching stylist, and just as importantly, that she is used to making the type of color change you're looking for.

When you find someone with the right experience, you can sit down with ease and enjoy the process. All you need to do is be sure to check first.