My Story

I was born in the Windy City of Chicago where I grew up seeing the beauty in all things, especially from within. I knew that from the beginning, I wanted to make a big impact and knew that this world needed more love. My passion for the beauty industry grew intensely when I discovered that I was enough and I wanted more than anything for other people to get to know that as well, so I decided to dive in and learn about cosmetology and psychology. Over the years I have realized that every person is a stone that can create ripple effects. My drive is to help others as well as myself to create a positive one.  Being behind the chair has helped with just that; I can help amplify what they were born with and create something beautiful with it. 

Whether it’s shaping the cut, adding dimension to the hair or creating an elegant-classy style, I tailor to every individual’s desire.
Being a cosmetologist for almost a decade has been one of the greatest blessings in my life, alongside having brought three amazing children in this world. 
I’ve met many women, from all of walks of life.  Regardless of different ages or cultures, I have been very ecstatic of getting to know every single person I meet. Many stories have been shared, but one thing we all have in common is that we all want to feel beautiful. Which brings me to my passion: to dedicate my life to always grow in all areas, so I can be of value to others. I am very much in love with my family and highly blessed to be able to share this journey with others.  God, reading, exploring nature and learning about life are some of the things I love.
I’m committed to give the best I can, always. The most important piece of this, is to do so with love


Gabriela Arista

Gabriela Arista Hair Stylist

"One Thing We ALL Have In Common Is That We All Want To Feel Beautiful"

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